Fire Safety and Evacuation Training For Colleges and Universities

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These training courses are developed and proven successful in an East Coast University for over a decade.  


University campuses are a unique environment that require a unique Fire Prevention, Fire Safety and Emergency training program that is customized to meet the needs of the university community.  


Training programs are created using Microsoft PowerPoint.  Slides, Instructor Guide, Student Manual and Training Aids are included on each CD Training Disk.  Photographs, graphs, and other graphics are used on many of the slides for visual and learning affects.  Courses now available are listed below.  Courses for maintenance and testing of fire protection and alarm system for maintenance personnel are under development.  In the near future courses will also be available on Lab Safety, Hazardous Materials and HAZWOPER. 


General Fire Safety

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire Warden

Building Fire Safety Inspections

Emergency Evacuation



Custom traning courses can also be created to meet your needs.  


Any of the courses can be presented at your site as a train-the-trainer or instructional class.  Call for details.